Jamestown Guiding Principles

At Jamestown we have adopted principles that guide us as we build a best-in-class real estate investor and fiduciary, resulting in a stable and thriving company for the long-term benefit of our employees and owners. 
For our investors being a best-in-class real estate investor and fiduciary means we produce superior results, communicate honestly, transparently and are responsive to their needs. For our tenants being best-in-class means we listen to their concerns and support them, create quality spaces, deliver an outstanding experience and foster a sense of community at our properties and surrounding neighborhoods. For our employees being best-in-class requires that we collectively embrace the Guiding Principles and promote mutual respect and collaboration. As a stable and thriving company we must be efficient and profitable in our operations by defining, evaluating and communicating our operational goals, proactively identifying and solving problems and utilizing resources wisely. With our long-term view, we further acknowledge our responsibility to add value to our communities and to implement environmentally-thoughtful initiatives.